Unpacking/mounting: be quiet! – DARK ROCK 2

Since my old Scythe – Shuriken rev. B broke, probably because the friction became too much for the bearing after being in use 24/7 since I bought it, I had to buy a new CPU-Cooler.

My goal was to get a not too expensive, quiet and decent looking CPU-Cooler for my AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE (3.2Ghz, which I overclocked now @3.9ghz) and my GIGABYTE 880GMA-USB3.
There are like a bazillion combinations of different styles, sizes and brands, but after doing some research and reading through a lot of tests and benchmarks, I decided to get a “be quiet! – DARK ROCK 2“.

After a few days of nervous waiting I finally got it.

The DARK ROCK 2 comes in a quite big box (compared to my shuriken :D), neatly packed in styrofoam, including the cooler, the installation manual, the different mounting brackets, backplates, screws, spacers, some thermal grease and even a hexagonal spanner. Everything you’ll need to mount the Dark Rock onto a LGA2011, LGA 1155, LGA 1156, LGA 1366, LGA775, AM2, AM2+, AM3, AM3+, FM1, 754, 939 and 940 socket, except a screwdriver.



Let’s begin…

First of all I had to shutdown my PC and turn off the power supply, then I unplugged all the cables and finally I removed the graphics card from the mainboard.
Because I do not use a case I can skip the part where I should remove the mainboard from the case. 😀


Nearly stripped to the bones, the only thing left to do, was to remove the old Shuriken, which is kinda tricky, because the Shuriken is fastened to the pre-installed blue-mounting bracket on the board via to springs and a lever. The Problem with the lever is: The onboard 3D-graphics is passive-cooled with heatsink just big enough to get annoying when you try to remove the Shuriken.
Whatever. After removing the heatsink I saw a horrific scene, dust and old thermal grease everywhere.


I had to clean it befor further stripping and mounting the DARK ROCK.
A few moments later, everything was okay again and I continued with removing the old backplate and the pre-installed blue mounting bracket by removing the 4 screws with a screwdriver.


Next thing on my list: Installing the new backplate and brackets and the cooler.
Sounds easier than done.
First thing I did was screwing the mounting brackets onto the heatsink before removing the seal and applying some thermal grease on the CPU.


The next step is imho a little bit tricky, you have to hold the heatsink in place while screwing the backplate from the other side of the mainboard to the mounting brackets and applying the spacers.
I helped myself by placing just a third or half of the mainboard on the box and fixing the backplate to the mounting brackets with 2 of the screws, then I turned the board 180° and did the same thing, once all 4 screws where loosely screwed, the spacers were applied and finally I fastened the screws more and more.


And the final outcome:



So far there’s nothing to complain about, the DARK ROCK 2 is a quiet aircooler, but if I had a normal midi-tower I would be afraid of breaking the board.
The temps are okay @3.9Ghz
idle ~29°
full load up to 50°


if there are any questions, feel free to ask 😉


so long, remains unknown.

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